Thursday, April 8, 2010

Skinny Dippin'

I have been using the same scent for a while now, Sunkissed Citrus, because lets just say it is awesome. Every time I turn on my warmer I want to clean my house, but lately my wonderful husband has been using my room spray to fight off this terrible order that is invading our house. Let's just say I was forced to find another scent that would bring a little joy into my child filled, laundry piling, and food preparing day. I decided to try Skinny Dippin'. WOW! This scent is so subtle and light. I love getting little samples of the scent as I walk into our room. It is so calming and clean. Now I want to clean things off my floor. It is so nice and relaxing.

So in honor of my new scent I want to give you my readers a small gift. Order a Skinny Dippin' bar and I will give you a Hanging Freshener for your car. So that you can enjoy this scent in your home and vehicle. (offer good from April 8th-10th until 10 pm email or call me)

Don't you just love the name Skinny Dippin'

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