Friday, April 9, 2010

Tribeca Mid-size Warmer

I have been using the Dandy cherry plug-in in my bedroom. I had a little miss hap and got some wax on my carpet. I was a little annoyed so I decided to upgrade to a mid-size warmer. My bedroom has red and white accents in it so which warmer to chose?

Of course I chose a red warmer and I love the fact that it is small and that it reminds me of a wrap dress. I have it sitting on my dresser. The plug-in used to be right in front of our bed and it was a little bright at times. Now that we have the Tribeca on our dresser the room is still lite at night, but the light comes from a different part of our room.

It is nice to have a beautiful, awesome smelling, safe night light. Our 6 month old sleeps in our bedroom and requires feeding at night. It is nice to be able to see where I am going without turning on the light and waking my husband.

I also like waking up to a nice sweet, clean, fresh smell. Sometimes old homes can be kind of dingy or smelling after it rains, like it did yesterday, but not my place thanks to my Scentsy warmers.

My plug-in now resides in the bathroom. It is up high and not somewhere where it can be easily bumped. I think it is happier in its new home. I love my plug-in the bathroom for two reasons that were already stated, but I will share them again. I can see in the bathroom during my late night restroom use without being blasted by the main light and it smells good! Bathrooms can be smelly, especially when men and boys are involved, but my little plug-in keeps the smelliness in the good smell category.

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